Hello!  I'm a portrait photographer based in Collinsville, Oklahoma (20 minutes north of Tulsa).  I'm married to a handsome fireman, and we have a precious little boy. I started pursuing photography around 2010, and the only thing I knew about photography at that time was what I thought would make a pretty picture.  I had no idea how to actually accomplish it.  Fast forward past hundreds of YouTube videos, a couple online courses, and thousands of hours of practice, and here I am!  I love having a career that makes me proud, brings smiles to people's faces, and provides family memories for generations to come.  One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was go through my grandma's top dresser drawer.  It was filled with old family pictures, and I would sit there and go through them for hours.  I've always been enamored with photographs- the way they capture a moment in time.  A moment I may never have known about had it not been captured by someone.  It's pretty special when you think about it.  Whether you are a friend of mine, or we are meeting for the first time at the session, I promise I'll try my hardest to capture the essence of you and your family.  I don't take for granted how important these photographs are.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we get the chance to meet soon if we haven't already <3 HP